WATCH: how to Hack iPhone X Face ID using a mask

WATCH: how to Hack iPhone X Face ID using a mask

Researchers of security firm Bkav Corporation found a way to unlock the iPhone X-Face ID facial identification system using a mask.

The special firm published a report moving their website, along with a proof of concept video, on how they handled to fool Face ID. 

Vice president of cybersecurity Ngo Tuan Anh explained how they designed the mask through 3D printing. They then connected this with some makeup, a prosthetic nose, and cutouts of 2D images.

According to Bkav, their investigation team started pulling on the cover when they received an iPhone X last Nov. 5. This means the mask had been created in less than 10 days; it cost around $150 or about P7,500.

First explained the unlocking of the iPhone X without a face in front. Outwardly a face to scan, the device indicated that a passcode is entered. He then tried to unlock the iPhone X againi, but this time with the mask in front. The device did so without missing a beat.

The cybersecurity specialist picked up the phone to prove that its Face ID worked properly on his own face, which it did.

According to on every Apple theme in Harvest, their research company collaborated with professional mask makers who worked in Hollywood. They arranged to reduce plastic intelligence by telling the difference between a real face and an intricately made mask.

Still, it instantly seems that a hacker may not need Hollywood-level crafting skills to fool Face ID. Only on could catch is a mask beside “some specific processing on the cheeks and around the face, where there are large skin areas, to fool AI of Face ID,” Anh said.

During that time individual, Bkav believes the fingerprint-based systems are still the best biometric solution.

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