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S10 Face Recognition

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Recognition Hacked | Samsung Bug

Samsung Galaxy S10 face recognition Hacked, the mobile screen lock feature in the Galaxy S10 can be easily unlocked using a photo or a...
gas company leaked aadhaar

LPG Gas Company Leaked Aadhaar numbers 6.7 Million Indian Customers

This time, India’s state-owned LPG Gas Company Leaked Aadhaar numbers 6.7 Million Indian Customers.due to a lack of authentication in the local dealers portal,...

Beware New Ransomware Anatova that targets gamer | How to Remove Anatova

Security researchers Valthek yesterday assigned a new ransomware family Anatova that is targeting consumers across the countries in Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, the UK).who see it...
fortnite accounts hacked

Fortnite Bug Hacker Takeover Your Gamers’ Accounts

Checkpoint researchers found a bug to Fortnite Accounts Hacked', the account authentication process for the massively popular online battle game players accounts hacks to takeover....
GHIRDA reverse engineering

NSA Finally Release GHIDRA a Free Reverse Engineering Tool

The US National Security Agency will release to the internally developed reverse engineering tool at the upcoming RSA security conference that will be held...

Google Chrome new Update To Malicious Chrome Extensions

Chrome new Update To Malicious Chrome Extensions: Google has made another new announcement for Chrome Web Store for aims at making Chrome extensions more...
snap packages

Microsoft Releases PowerShell Core for Linux

Microsoft has published its command-line shell and scripting language PowerShell for Linux OS as a Snap package, creating it effortless for Linux users to...
Android security

Google new rules to  Necessary for OEMs to Roll Out Android Security Updates Regularly

Android security has been a vision since its facts , Mainly the reason being is android users don't receive users latest security patch updates regularly...