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5 Best Cloud, VPS and Shared Hosting Platform For asia

There are hundreds of hosting platform with a data center in USA, Europe.India Pakistan However, you have limited choice in Asia. Let’s take a look...
What is peer to peer network 1

How to Work and What is peer to peer network | P2P network

Peer-to-peer is a form of computer networking whereby all computers share same ability for processing data. the individual of which serves as a node for...

 Found On Over 460 HP Laptop Pre-Installed Keylogger

HP has keyloggers onto its customers' laptops.by the way Two times this year, HP laptops remained caught with a pre-installed keylogger A security researcher declaring...

Google Announce : Chrome will start blocking annoying website redirects

   As part of Google’s ongoing work to make ad-ridden websites/blog more bearable, the organization is including some new protections to Chrome. Over the next...

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