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Best Way to More Secure Your Windows10 Operating System 2020

Secure Your Windows10 Operating System 2020 Today we are going to look at my top 5 list of things that you could disable on your Windows 10 machine to make it more secure so without further ado let’s head on over to the computer and take a look

Number 5: Disable Unpaired devices


We have to disable communication with unpaired devices. so we go into our privacy settings we’ll just type in privacy in the Start menu, and then along the left-hand side here we’re gonna click on other devices and you can see communicate with unpaired devices let your apps automatically share in sync info with the wireless devices that don’t explicitly. pair with your PC tablet or phone this is something that we want to turn off because we don’t want an unauthorized or an unpaired device being able to share information between to and from the computer or the phone or whatever that the device may be so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come on down and toggle that switch off takes us.


Number 4: Disable Activity History 

Disable Activity History 

Disable that activity history on the computer so once again we’re gonna go into our privacy settings and along the left-hand side, we’re gonna click on activity history and you can see where it says jump back to any into what you were doing on your device by storing your activity history including info about websites you browse and how you use your apps and services my computer Microsoft they don’t need information about my computer or what I’m doing with it nor do I like it when I Bri boot the computer that all of my browser tabs open up I don’t like that so I’m gonna go ahead and disable that and save the settings from there and then you can go down here to clear activity history clear that it’ll say this will clear your activity history from all your devices you won’t be able to resume or yes resume any cleared activities I’m gonna go ahead and click OK

Number 3: Disable Your Tracking Location

Disable Your Tracking Location

That is to disable your tracking location or your location services on the computer what we’re gonna do against Start menu type in privacy and along the left-hand side you’re gonna see a location go ahead and left-click on that and you have the option right here it says allow access to a location on this device if you go through and you read this paragraph it gives you an understanding or an expo as to what this particular service does now if you do like to use such as like the weather app you will want to leave location services on because it does use that to pull that information for your specific location so in this case, I don’t really care about the weather I have other devices around the house that will tell me that I’m gonna click on change and,

Number 2: Disable Ads Tracking

Disable Ads Tracking

I’m going to the switch off or  disable the location services throughout all of the different apps and you can see down here if you do choose to leave it on you can go through and disable individual apps that use the location services going into number two we have disabled your ad tracking once again Microsoft does not need all of this information about you about what you’re doing will they use an option or service on the computer that’s ad tracking that basically tailors ads or games or suggestions to you there’s no reason for them to have that information so what we’re gonna do once again go down to start menu type in privacy and along the left-hand side here you are gonna want to stay under
general because you have your change privacy options here and it says right here at the top let apps use advertising ID to make more ads more interesting based on your app activity we’re gonna toggle all of these off once again to me they don’t need this information and there’s no reason for them to have it and last but not least and the number

Number 1: Disable on your Windows 10 is Cortana

Disable on your Windows 10 is Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s AI system that goes through listens collects even more telemetry data about the computer your history so we’re gonna go through I’m going to show you how to disable those settings as well so what we’re gonna do go down to the Start menu and we’re gonna go to settings this time and you’re gonna see an option that says Cortana at the bottom left go ahead and left-click on that and there’s gonna be a ray of a bunch of information in here it says let Cortana respond to Hey Cortana keep my devices from sleeping when it’s plugged in

I’m gonna disable that because I don’t want to use or don’t need to use Cortana at all if you do like having the voice activation in the AI assistant there then you will want to leave Cortana on however they do have a lot of information that they collect with that and there’s no reason for them to have that and once again I’m elector trying to listen to my commands I don’t want them to be able to do that third option is used for Tana even my device is locked if my device is locked I don’t want anybody to have access to it I don’t want any information going out as much as I could prevent that so I am going to disable that on the left-hand side you can see.

where it says permissions and history we’re gonna left click on that you will want to manage the information Cortana has access to such as like emails contacts things like that it will integrate with that Save Search I’m okay with that moderate is perfect it’s gonna go through that is a default setting however this is the default on as well Windows cloud search shows my cloud content into Windows search if you use like one drive where you have information stored in that like documents things like that, you may want to leave that because if you’re trying to search for the file you may want to include your one drive or your cloud-based content in order for it to search that as well I don’t have that I don’t use one drive.

I’m gonna disable that and then of course again Microsoft doesn’t need the activity history on my computer I’m going to disable that I’m going to disable activity recommendations and I’m also going to disable my device history and then clear it as well so once again

Microsoft uses this information to tailor the experience more towards you however they don’t need that information this is your PC and you should customize it the way you want so you will want to go through all of these and determine what works best for you hey guys thanks for spending some time with me today if you found the video useful give it alike give it a share and just a quick question of the day before you go what other settings did you disable to make your Windows 10 more secure leave your answers in the comment section below the