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7 Things You Need to Know About Mac Password Assistant

Know About Mac Password Assistant
Apple device users need not worry more about device protection because it features a built-in password manager. Apple’s suite has an iCloud Keychain to hold secure notes, certificates, and passwords.

But, it can also become a target for cyberattacks.
To improve online security, use a password manager. If you can’t create a strong password, you can use the Mac password assistant. It does so much more, along with keeping the Mac safely locked.

What Is a Password Assistant?

This is an internal OS X function used to generate strong and secure passwords. Whether creating a new password or changing the password for your account, use Password Assistant in both cases.

The Password Assistant window will show you several options or suggestions for checking and generating strong passwords. It will show suggestions in the tip field when you tap Suggestion and enter your password.

How to Use a Password Assistant on Mac?

Use the Mac password assistant to create the most secure password. To use the assistant, first, open the Password Assistant. Now, click on the Key button available next to the New Password section.

Then, enter the required password. The password assistant will immediately showcase how secure the entered password is. Try to create a safe and easy-to-remember password. Add a hint that reminds you of the password.

Do you have some sensitive information that you don’t want others to access? Don’t know how to put a password on a folder Mac to prevent unauthorized access? Use Disk Utility to password-protect folder content.

To do this, open Disk Utility. Choose File from the Menu bar. Hover over a New Image. Choose Image from Folder in the ensuing menu.

Choose the folder you wish to protect and select the encryption level, i.e., 128-bit or 256-bit. Enter the password and verify it. Choose read/write and click Save.

How do Manually Add Passwords in Keychain Access?

You can manually add passwords and utilize assistants in Keychain Access. Open Keychain Access in the Utility folder from the Finder menu bar. Choose a Keychain and item. You can also create your Keychain.
To add a password:

  1. Click Password in the Category list.
  2. Tap (+) at the top and complete the password details. The password field will display the password strength via the meter.
  3. Tap Add.

How to Use Assistant in Keychain Access?

Use Password Assistant to create a strong password. Add an item and submit the account information using the same methods as discussed in the above point. Tap the Key button when reached the Password field.

The Password Assistant will provide several options immediately to create a strong password. Tap the drop-down box to see and choose one of the best suggestions. After selecting a password, the Assistant will populate the field for a specific item. Now, tap Add.

Why Does the Mac Keep Asking for Keychain Passwords?

Sometimes the MacBooks keep asking for keychain passwords. This usually happens when the keychain gets locked. It can be locked automatically when the keychain and user password are out of sync, or the system becomes inactive for a period of time. The aim is to protect vulnerable access.

So, set a length of time. Tap Login in the Keychain Access app. Select Edit and change settings for Keychain Login. Tick the Lock After box and enter the number of minutes. Choose ‘Lock when sleeping’ to enter the password when Mac goes to sleep. Now, click Save.

How to Recover a Forgotten Password on Mac?

If you forgot your Mac password and have no hints for it, recover it using the Recovery Mode of Apple. To enable this mode on an Intel-based Mac, turn off your system and press the power button + Command R. Now, wait for some time.

The process of using the Recovery Mode on an M1 Mac is slightly different. To activate this mode, first, you have to turn off your Mac. Now, press and hold the power button. Then, click on Options and then tap Continue.

How to Reset Mac Password From Recovery Mode?

Once you activate the Recovery Mode on your Mac device, you can use it to reset the password. For this, open Utilities in the Apple menu. Select Terminal from the utility window and enter ‘reset password’ without adding space.

Now, click on Return. Select your user account in the main hard drive. Then, change the Mac password. While changing the password, add a hint to quickly remember the password. Now, tap Save and restart your Mac.


Remembering dozens of passwords is not easy, especially when you have to do that on multiple devices and accounts. It is easy to mix things up and use the wrong passwords for the wrong accounts.

Thankfully, Mac users have a Password Assistant to generate strong passwords. It will show the strength of Mac passwords. In any case, if you lose the Mac password, recover it using the Recovery Mode.