Ransomware threat surge, Ryuk attacks twenty companies a week

Ransomware ThreatRansomware Threat, Malware Researchers observed ransomware threats increased over the previous month compared to the first six months of 2020.

On the report of recent publishers data from IBM Security X-Force and the Check Point Incident Response team Ryuk, Maze, and REvil ransomware families ate the top of the record.

Recently both Companies observed Ransomware threat surges as Ryuk attacks increase Per week, an increase in ransomware attacks, Also few threats being more active than others.

Ransomware Threat Healthcare sector under attack


Check Point assemble data referring to the third quarter of the year shows that Maze and Ryuk were the most prevalent ransomware families, Ryuk attacking on average 20 companies per week.

Countries with the most number of ransomware attacks are the US, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Turkey

The company claims that ransomware attacks hike by 50% at a global level in the third quarter of 2020 and that Ryuk and Maze were the most common threats. In the U.S. these attacks almost doubled in the third quarter. The top 5 countries affected by ransomware Threat in terms of the number of attacks are:

  • US (98.1% increase)
  • India (39.2% increase)
  • Sri Lanka (436% increase)
  • Russia (57.9% increase)
  • Turkey (32.5% increase)

IBM shape that ransomware attacks “appeared to explode in June 2020,” based on data from incident response engagements, as they dealt with a third of all such events reported up to September

As per IBM’s survey, REvil claims more than 140 victims in wholesale, manufacturing, and professional services, most of them from the U.S. The company estimates that 36% of them paid the ransom demand last month.

ransomware threat
ransomware ransomware

IBM determines that the REvil ransomware community ensnare a profit of at least $81 million this year with demands of between $1,500 and $42 million.

EKANS (Snake)-responsible for 6 percent of the incidents-is the third most prevalent ransomware IBM saw in 2020 that can destroy processes linked to industrial control system (ICS) activities.

Regularly data backups stored offline are still a good enactment, that can ensure quickly recover from such an attack, as is applying security updates in a timely fashion and restricting or disabling remote access to the company’s internal network.