Pornographic video plays on lunchroom TV at high school in Georgia

school in Georgia TV monitor plays porn leaving students baffled

Pornographic video played on a cafeteria TV while students ate luncheon Wednesday at a high school in Georgia.
The chief at Mount Zion High School in Jonesboro ran from the room to stop the video after it started playing, but it played for more than a minute, according to WSB-TV. Some students were able to get screenshots before it was turned off.

How did this happen?

School officials announced a student obtained entry to the cafeteria broadcast devices, according to New York Daily News.
The incident is being investigated and the student will be disciplined, the Daily News reported.

How did students and parents react to the incident?

Daphne Raines said WSB that her stepdaughter home sent her a text with a screenshot of the video.
“She was like, ‘Momma, look what was playing when he was eating. Came on the TV,’” Raines said. “And I just happened to look at it. And I had to just open it up and look at it real good. And I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’”
The photo of the video did so graphically that the mother’s mouth sank open when she saw it. After seeing the photo, Raines went to the school and checked her daughter out of class.

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