Why avoid Windows Phone !

Windows, the most used operating system in the desktop and laptop world. In the year of 2010, Microsoft again started their journey into the smartphone world with their revolutionary Windows Phone 7 
OS. Over the years Windows Phone OS has walked a long way till Windows Phone 8.1 (Released in June 12 2014). Initially Windows Phone OS received a tremendous craze about the metro design of the OS and also for Nokia Lumia’s high megapixel cameras and screen. I purchased my Lumia in the middle of  2013 and I’m using my Windows Phone 8 device as my daily driver for last 7-8 months. After using this phone for almost 8 months I’m really annoyed with this device OS and today in this post I will share my experience with all the people around the world who is thinking about purchasing a Windows Phone either for their own usage or for giving it to someone else.as I said earlier Windows Phone started to gain success specially for their Metro UI and their great marketing strategies, specially in Asian countries. Also Nokia, one of the most trusted brand in the 90’s started manufacturing their phone. Metro UI is really a minimalist UI and looked awesome when someone hold a Windows Phone for the first time, but after you purchase one and keep using it for daily basis you will be as amused as you are when you purchased the phone and within no time you will started feeling why did you wasted your money on this device. Anyways who have already purchased a Windows Phone and currently thinking the same that why did they purchase that device, I’m really sorry I really can’t help you much but in below I will share top 5 reasons to avoid purchasing Windows Phone for anyone.

1. Metro UI

I know that you might be thinking, am I nuts that I’m saying Metro UI is bad. Actually I’m not. Even I’m not saying that Metro UI is bad. The problem with Windows Phone and it’s Metro UI is that if you are going to use a Windows Phone for the first time in your life, you are gonna love it, but after using it for few months the interface will started to get boring and a little over complected. There is almost no ways to customize your Windows Phone like you can in any Android device present in the market. Metro UI is very clean, minimalist UI, but it does not have the x-factor of being amazing and keep being interesting after using the device for many months. On the other hand in your android device you can change the complete look and feel of your device, just by installing few themes, and after that you will start feeling that you have a complete new UI in front of you.

2. Disgusting App Support

If you are thinking to switch to Windows Phone from your existing iPhone or Android device, don’t even think about that. Windows App store is a complete dessert of apps. Most of the apps present in Windows Store doesn’t properly maintained by the developers like it used to be in Android or iPhone. Most of the apps you see in you are accustomed with in Android or iPhone, is not available in Windows Phone. After searching your favorite apps in Windows Store will become so frustrated that you will stop downloading apps on your phone. Not only that, but also every major company who develops apps fr anything, their main target is Android or iOS. Windows Phone is in the least priority to every app company and to every developer. Even if you get your app available in Windows Phone, still the kind of interface you will get in Android or iOS version of that app, you will never ever get in Windows Phone. As an example in the Windows Phone version of  Whatsapp, you can’t sent any audio or video which is present in your phone to anyone else. The only option you have is either sing the song by yourself or capture a video and then send.

3. Complex Interface

The complexity of Windows OS is really very higher than Android or iOS. Generally in android and iOS people are accustomed with drop-down notification for most of the daily settings changes like turning on Bluetooth, WiFi etc. But in Windows Phone there is no way to do that instead of digging deep into the settings and then turning the required things on. Tough there is app available in Windows Store like Connectivity Shortcuts, but this is nothing but a metro tile shortcut to sent you deep into the required setting page. Really frustrating and time-wasting. Not only that if you check the settings page of any Windows Phone, you will get so confused that it will take at least 10-15 mins to find out a small thing in your settings page.

4. Unstable Operating System

Yes, this is true. If you have purchased a Windows Phone recently then you will never ever feel this kind of problem in your phone. But after using it for months and if you generally don’t turn off your device often, you will start finding out the real image of Windows Phone OS. You might face problems like – phone hang, unable to receive incoming calls, screen auto brightness issue, touch smoothness issue and many more. The only way out you will have if any of this occur is to turn off your device, detach the battery from your phone, keep your phone like this for at least 15 mins then again turn on. Trust me, it will make you to kill your phone. if you visit the service center (which i have done many times), they will reformat your OS and again your phone will work fine for few weeks before it’s start showing the same problems again.

5. Even more

There are many more minor things which you will never wanted to try out with your daily driver smart phone. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • 1.Can’t change DNS & proxy of your WiFi connection
  • 2.Can’t charge your phone in Switch off state.
  • 3.Bluetooth receiving doesn’t work smoothly with not Windows Phones.
  • 4.No good and quality web browser available to handle rich HTML5/CSS3           websites.
  • 5.If you try to open large website your browser get auto closed.
  • 6.Windows App store doesn’t have any Google apps like G-mail, YouTube,           analytic etc.

Most Famous Hackers In The World

Here are the most famous hackers in history and what they’re doing today. Hacker is the most dangerous person on the earth that have the ability to gain access to any computer and technological device in the world

1.Jonathan James

Jonathan James was well known as “Comrade” in the cyber world. At the age of 15 years, he was convicted and sent to jail in the USA for hacking. He hacked many companies like Bell South, Miami-Dade School system, Department of Defense in 1999 and NASA. Yes, Jonathan James had hacked International Space Station and downloaded a heavy amount of source code to learn how the international space agency (NASA) worked. NASA had been shut down their network for three weeks while they investigated the breach, which cost them around $41,000.

Office Max, Barnes & Noble, Boston Market and a number of high profile companies were victims of 2007 massive wave of malicious attacks. However, James always denied any involvement, but he was still suspected and investigated by law enforcement. In May 18, 2008, he committed suicide, he wrote in his suicide note, “he was troubled by the justice system and believed he would be prosecuted for newer crimes while he did nothing.


                                                2.Vladimir Levin
In 1995, Russian hacker Vladimir Levin accessed Citibank database and re-routed more than $10 million into other accounts. Shocking but it’s true, he didn’t use Bank internet to get access to the bank’s database. Instead, he tapped the call and listened to the bank’s customer information.

According to the wall street journal, around $400,000 was recovered and pled guilty to one charge of making $3.7 million in unauthorized transfers. He had been sent to jail for three years and was ordered to pay back $240,000 to Citibank. On 2014, Federal Bureau of Investigation writes the following below.


3.Kevin Mitnick

kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnick is the “Most Wanted Computer Criminal” in U.S history. There are two feature films based on Kevin Mitnick – Takedown (2000) and Freedom Downtime.

What did he do? He hacked the cell phone and made free calls, he had stolen the code from companies like Sun Microsystems and Novell. Kevin also hacked into NSA (National Security Agency) phone calls. When he found guilty in many frauds charges, he had been sent to prison for five years. Nowadays, he works as a professional Security Consultant.
 4.    Albert Gonzalez
albert gonalezAlbert Gonzalez was college dropped out from Miami, who stole more than 170 million credit and debit card numbers from TJX, Cos Inc., BJ’S wholesale Club Inc., and Barnes & Noble over a period of 2 years. That is equal to almost half the population of U.S.Gonzalez had been running own hacker group called “ShadowCrew.” This group stole 1.5 million credit card numbers and listed online for sale.  In 2010, he had sent to prison for 20 years


5.Gary Mckinnon

Scottish computer hacker, Gray McKinnon was popular as Internet handle “Solo.” He gained access to 97 American Military Networks and NASA between 2001 and 2002, and leaving the message on the military website, “Your Security is Crap.” However, he claimed that he was just searching for information about energy suppression and UFO activity cover-ups.  It has registered “Biggest Military Computer Hack of all the time.”But, now he has reinvented as an SEO wizard and charging 40 Pounds per hour to help websites cum blog ranks.

Meet the hacker who hacks for the Emma Watson

Recently, across the internet, we found the hacker who loves the Hollywood celebrity Emma Watson, the crush of every 90’s kid. This hacker hacks for Emma Watson and proposed her on the hacked website .The hacker also provides his Skype and other social media accounts for Emma Watson to talk with him online because of his love for her.
Let’s read the message the hacker left on the hacked website
Hey admin this message is not for you.
It’s for who I love, who I wish I can meet her
It’s for Emma Watson
Hey Emma I want tell you my short story
First thing I really love you
This is not okay!
What makes me do this is just for love
I just want you to answer me on my Facebook or my email or Skype
I love you girl L

Please contact me.
As per the message left by the hacker, it seems he hacked the website for the love only as stated by him and he wants Emma Watson to contact him and talk to him via the social media accounts. We have gathered the hacked website screenshot too for confirming the authenticity.
The hacker is identified by the Cyber PS and is believed to be a security professional and seems to provide services. The name of the hacker is Muhammad Mallak. i.e., he is a Muslim hacker and you can view his have full bio on his website. We believe that this  is a teen and loves these sorts of things. Maybe Emma Watson will check all this all for him.but its very strange that hacker has showed interest to Emma via hacking the websites.which is why we took this blog on our network.its difficult but he seems trying to seek attention from the Hollywood celebrity by hacking into website and defaced with loving message to Emma Watson.

14-Year-Old Japanese Boy Arrested for Creating Ransomware

apanese authorities have arrested a 14-year-old boy in Osaka, a prefecture and large port city, for allegedly creating and distributing a ransomware malware.

This is the first such arrest in Japan which involves a Ransomware-related crime.

Ransomware is a piece of malware that encrypts files on a victim’s computer and makes them inaccessible until the victim pays a ransom, usually in Bitcoins, in order to get the decryption keys for the encrypted files.

Ransomware has been around for a few years, but currently, it has become a major cyber threat for businesses and users across the world.

Just last month, the WannaCry ransomware hit over 300,000 PCs within just 72 hours, wreaking havoc worldwide.

The recent arrest came after the teenager, who is a third-year junior high school student, created a ransomware virus and uploaded its source code on the Internet, according to multiple Japanese media.

The student, who admitted to the allegations, combined free encryption software to develop his own ransomware infection and then uploaded it to a foreign website and even taught people to download and use it to spread further for financial gain.

The teen also advertised the website through social media, including Twitter, telling users “I made ransomware. Please feel free to use it,” the sources said.

According to Japanese police, the teen’s ransomware allowed a downloader to infect victims’ computers, demanding payment in digital currency. His ransomware framework has been downloaded over 100 times.

The authorities have not revealed the identity of the teenager, but have informed that the student just took about 3 days to create the ransomware program using his personal computer.

The student also told the authorities that he learned to code on his own and created the ransomware out of curiosity in order to become famous.

The Japanese police spotted the ransomware during “cyber patrolling” in January and confiscated the teen’s computer after searching his house in April.

Learn How to Code — Though it is never recommended to develop a malware and spread it for fun, financial gain or other purposes, learning to code is not a crime.

If you’re looking to ‘learn how to code’ and seeking a career as an expert-level programmer, you should know how to play with codes and make your own.

We have introduced an ultimate programming bundle that includes ten online training courses that could elevate your programming skills straight from beginner to advanced level.

The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle, comes with lifetime access, offers you professional training courses on Python, Ruby, Java, iOS, HTML, CSS, AngularJS and other programming languages that are in high demands.

System Restore on Windows 10 Computers

If something goes wrong with your Windows 10 computer, due to a new app installation or a recent driver upgrade, simply trying to uninstall or roll back the driver doesn’t always work. That’s where Windows 10 System Restore comes in, as it essentially lets you jump back to a previous time, when Windows was working just fine.

But how does that work, you ask? Well, it does that by creating “restore points” from time to time, generally when you install a new piece of software, or a Windows 10 update. Plus, it creates one every week anyway, and you can do so manually anytime.
Windows 10 restore points are effectively an image of the important Windows stuff, your system files, registry settings, and hardware drivers themselves. It doesn’t take any of your personal documents into consideration, so this isn’t a backup by any means. Depending on your system settings, a small part of your hard-drive is dedicated to storing these restore points, which automatically clears out the old to make space for the new. You’ll still need to back up all your personal data yourself, but Windows 10 restore points can help troubleshoot software issues on your Windows PC.
When you open System Restore, you’ll be presented with the available restore points, which will allow you to return to a specific time in the past. In short, Windows 10 System Restore allows you to revert to a state when your computer was working just fine.
Before you use the feature, you should know how it impacts your computer. Since Windows 10 System Restore doesn’t make a backup of your personal documents, restoring your system won’t change any of them. Instead, it keeps a track of all the apps you had, so once you choose a point, any apps that were installed after that will be gone, and the uninstalled ones will come back.
Once the process is done, you will need to re-run the installers/ uninstallers to properly get rid of the ones you don’t want. Thankfully, Windows 10 does present you with a list of affected programs, making this process simpler.

How to set up System Restore on Windows 10

By default, the Windows 10 System Restore option is only turned on for your primary drive, which contains all the necessary Windows files. If you’d like to extend that coverage, follow these steps:
  1. Hit Start, and type in “restore”.
  2. Choose Create a restore point.
  3. In the System Protection tab, under Protection Settings, you’ll see a list of available drives on your computer, with an On or Off label next to them.
  4. Choose the appropriate drive, and click Configure.
  5. Select Turn on system protection to enable System Restore. It should be on by default for C:.
  6. On the same dialog box, adjust the Max Usage slider as you prefer. The more room you make, the farther back you can choose to go later.

How to create a restore point on Windows 10

In some cases, you might want to create a restore point yourself, for example, if you’re about to install an app or a new driver from an unconfirmed source. Here’s how to go about that:
  1. Hit Start, and type in “restore”.
  2. Choose Create a restore point.
  3. In the System Protection tab, under Protection Settings, click Create.
  4. Then, give it a memorable name, and hit Create.
  5. After less a minute, you’ll be presented with a success message. Click Close.

How to use System Restore on Windows 10

Hopefully, you’ll never actually have to bother with this. But should that troubling day arrive, here’s how you can restore your system to an earlier point:
  1. Hit Start, and type in “restore”.
  2. Choose Create a restore point.
  3. In the System Protection tab, under System Restore, click System Restore.
  4. A new dialog box will give you a brief description of System Restore. Choose Next.
  5. On the next page, you’ll see the available restore points, with a date next to each of them. Select the desired one, and click Scan for affected programs.
  6. In a new dialog box, you’ll have two different lists – the top one shows programs that will be deleted, and the bottom one shows programs that will be restored. Once you’ve noted the important ones, click Close.
  7. If you’re ready, choose the appropriate restore point, and click Next.
  8. Windows 10 will ask you to confirm. Go through the details, and then click Finish.
  9. In a final dialog box, System Restore will inform you that it “cannot be interrupted”. Click Yes to begin.
The Windows 10 restore process will take over your computer, and finish in about 15 minutes, more depending on your CPU and hard-drive speed. Once it restarts, you can login to see if everything is working fine. If it didn’t have the desired result, you can revert to your latest system settings instead, since System Restore always creates another restore point before starting itself.

How to fill up adsense appeal form for Invalid Activity

Invalid traffic appeal


Full Form Details:

Q:-)How do users get to your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? How do you promote your content? *

Ans 🙂 Users reaches to my contents via google search engine include google,
        bing or Youtube channel and other youtube features.
        Some traffic reaches via social also include facebook and twitter.

Q 🙂Have you or your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel ever violated the AdSense program policies or Terms & Conditions? 
 If so, how? Also, include any relevant information that you believe may have resulted in invalid activity. *

Ans 🙂  My some of youtube channels videos got one or two copyright strikes under community guidelines,
         but not have any invalid click activity before this. These violations also due to my mistakes,
         and happened unknowingly or due to negligence. I don’t me unknowingly.

Q 🙂 What changes will you implement to help improve ad traffic quality on your site,
 mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? *

Ans 🙂  First of all, I really apologize for any invalid activity and condemn like
         these activities and also for those mistakes which happened by unknowingly
         and my negligence. Further now, I assure to adsense and youtube to be genuine
         adsense partner. I started using adsense partnership about a year ago and
         tried my best to do and valid activities. If my adsense is restarted
         I will do everything according to adsense policies and try to get away
         from any invalid activity which violate any term and condition.

Q:-)Please include any data from your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel
traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests which could explain invalid activity. *

Ans 🙂  Dear Google, this is first time that my adsense account is disable due to like this invalid clicks activity,I could not record my suspicious IP address, traffic log & reports. I also apologize again for this negligence too.As must as I know about my site or adsense I have mentioned. I only appeal to ignore any server or light invalid activity to my accound and give me first and last chance to work properly on my adsense account. I accept my mistakes which happened by unknowingly and my negligence.

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Getting Call from 777888999 won’t Explode your Phone, stop believing Fake Rumours!

A new hoax/rumour is on the air stating that a number 777888999 is probably a death number and can explode your phone if it rings you. Well, Please stop believing such stupid hoaxes and NO! It wont explode, Oh God!
Recently, A message has been circulating warning people that answering a phone call from a specific mobile number may set their handset on fire and render them dead. According to the message, answering a call from the number 777888999 could prove fatal, because answering the call will make your phone explode which is not going to happen.
Facebook pages and family WhatsApp groups have been abuzz with texts like:

“URGENT ? pl don’t attend any Call of mob no …777888999….if u attend. Call your mobile will blast …..pl share to your friends …,” and “Savdhaan ish No.777888999 Se call aya toh utana nhi, nhi toh ye aapke akhri call b hosakta hain”.

To be specific, the number, according to a Truecaller search, belongs to “Don’t Receive Virus”. Pretty ominous, right? Of course it is not a verified number, and it is listed under “tax agency” (haha) and has been reported by 77,573 people.
First and foremost, nine digit mobile numbers do not exist in India. Of course it can be an international number, but phone numbers can’t make your ordinary phone explode. So stop making this rumour a viral thing and scaring other people too. Also, I wonder if someone really owns it, How many nightmares we would be getting himself every night!

How To Delete a Skype Account


Delete Skype

Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete a Skype account in its entirety. However, if you are no longer interested in using your account, you may remove all of your personal information from the Skype database, making it impossible for other users to find your account.Close My Skype Account

Delete Personal Information on Skype
If you don’t want other users to search for you in Skype directory, you must first remove all the personal information you provided when creating your profile. This information includes your name, gender, date of birth, email address, phone number, and location.

Sign in to your Skype account, and click on your username in the menu bar. Click on Manage. Your browser will open and direct you to your profile page:

  • Go to the Personal Information section and
  • click on Edit.

You may now clear your profile of you personal details.

Modify Your Skype Avatar

The next step is to “delete” your personal avatar. Note that it is not actually possible to delete your avatar, but you do have the option of changing it to something more general.

Log in to Skype and select Skype > Profile > Avatar.

You may now select your new image.

Delete Your Account from the Login Screen

To delete your account from the login screen, close Skype, and click on your computer’s Startmenu.

Type Run and press Enter. Then type

and click on OK.

Delete the folder with the name of your Skype account.

Remove Username from the Skype Directory
Go to the online homepage and log in to your Skype account.

Next, click on Account and password followed by Delete an account. This procedure will take about two weeks.

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How to Delete Skype Account on Mobile (Android or iOS)

The account deletion process on mobile devices is pretty much the same. Let’s take a look:

  • Launch Skype on your mobile
  • Tap your Skype Name
  • Go to Settings by tapping the Gear icon on the top right corner
  • Tap Account & Profile and then Close your account
  • Verify your id and password to proceed
  • Go through the list and click Next
  • Mark the checkboxes and list the Reason
  • Now, tap Mark account for closure

Also Read How To Delete Your Gmail Account

Delete Your Gmail Account

If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use your Gmail account, you can choose to remove your email address from your Google account. Deleting your Gmail address will delete your emails and content saved within Gmail but note that it will not delete your Google account, Google search history, or any other information associated with your Google account such as YouTube history or your Google+ page. 

Note that once your Gmail account is deleted, you will no longer be able to access any of your emails. We highly recommend backing up any files that you’d like saved. 

How To Delete Your Gmail Address

Sign in to your account and head to the My Account. Under the section labeled Account Preferences, click on the option that reads Delete your account or services

Click Delete products

All of your active Google accounts will be listed here. Click the Gmail option and then follow the onscreen instructions: 

Click Remove Gmail permanently and verify your selection. You will be asked to provide a new primary email address with which to log in to other Google services (i.e. YouTube). 

Once you’ve confirmed your selection, you will be sent an email from Gmail with the subject Gmail Removal Confirmation. Click on the link to reconfirm your account removal, and then click on Verify to finalize the removal. 

Your Gmail account will be removed from the server with 48 hours. 

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