NSA Worker’s Computer Was Already Infected With Malware

NSA Worker’s Computer Was Already Infected With Malware

Embattled material security firm Kaspersky Lab announced Thursday that malware-infected Microsoft Office software is abrogating its own was to blame for the hacking fraud of top-secret US intelligence materials.
The Moscow-based anti-virus software creator, which is immediately halted on US power computers because of claimed connections to the Russian report, established that someone did possibly remove important National Security Agency programs from an NSA worker’s home computer, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal on October 5.Adding tantalizing new details to the cyber-espionage mystery that has rocked the US intelligence community, Kaspersky also said there was a China link to the hack.
According to individual Journal, the person should be top concealed folders and applications from the NSA hacking unit called the Equation Group on his computer, which was also using Kaspersky software protection.
They understand that Russian spies practiced the Kaspersky record as a back door to discover and siphon off the files, reportedly causing deep damage to the NSA’s own cyber-espionage operations.
US assertions that Kaspersky, which disappointed extra $600 million of anti-virus software globally in 2015, deliberately or unknowingly supported Russian intelligence in the theft have effectively killed its US business and hurt its worldwide reputation.
Kaspersky software ‘disabled’
Practicing its criminological study, Kaspersky said the breach of the NSA worker’s computer took place between September and November 2014, rather than 2015 as the Journal reported.
Kaspersky announced anything happened taken covered fundamental source code for some Equation Group , as well as classified documents. Based on the materials, it said the computer appeared to belong to someone involved in creating malware for the Equation Group.
The company required, though, that the computer was affected by other malware, including a Russian-made “backdoor tool” hidden in Microsoft Office.
Kaspersky announced that the malware was established of a computer server based in Hunan, China, and would have realized a path into the  for anyone targeting an NSA worker.
“Given that practice owner’s potential clearance level, the user could have been a prime target of nation-states,” it said.
Kaspersky’s own software would have detected that malware, the company said, except that its  had been turned off.
“To install and run this malware, the user must have disabled Kaspersky Lab products on his machine,” it claimed.


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