Meet the hacker who hacks for the Emma Watson

Recently, across the internet, we found the hacker who loves the Hollywood celebrity Emma Watson, the crush of every 90’s kid. This hacker hacks for Emma Watson and proposed her on the hacked website .The hacker also provides his Skype and other social media accounts for Emma Watson to talk with him online because of his love for her.
Let’s read the message the hacker left on the hacked website
Hey admin this message is not for you.
It’s for who I love, who I wish I can meet her
It’s for Emma Watson
Hey Emma I want tell you my short story
First thing I really love you
This is not okay!
What makes me do this is just for love
I just want you to answer me on my Facebook or my email or Skype
I love you girl L

Please contact me.
As per the message left by the hacker, it seems he hacked the website for the love only as stated by him and he wants Emma Watson to contact him and talk to him via the social media accounts. We have gathered the hacked website screenshot too for confirming the authenticity.
The hacker is identified by the Cyber PS and is believed to be a security professional and seems to provide services. The name of the hacker is Muhammad Mallak. i.e., he is a Muslim hacker and you can view his have full bio on his website. We believe that this  is a teen and loves these sorts of things. Maybe Emma Watson will check all this all for him.but its very strange that hacker has showed interest to Emma via hacking the websites.which is why we took this blog on our network.its difficult but he seems trying to seek attention from the Hollywood celebrity by hacking into website and defaced with loving message to Emma Watson.

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