Massive DDoS attack by Kazakhstan Banks

According to local media, many banks in the country have suffered a massive DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) bouts across the earlier few days.

Some advance traffic got of some countries at the same time.  Since a sequence, bank

 Massive DDoS attack by Kazakhstan Banks

websites remained unavailable for a positive time. One of the concerned banks is HomeBank.

“The bank’s experts reported (27 sep 2017) a massive-scale DDoS attack in the form of fraudulent applications together from a huge number of IP addresses that block the process of the portal.”  The Homebank posted in the Qazkom’s Facebook Page.

“To assure the security of the site and your reports, the bank’s authorities take the important technical agencies to compensate the actions of hackers, therefore we retract if there will be obstacles in transferring methods or the site will be briefly unavailable.” The Bank confessed to the inconvenience. 

Kaspi bank announced that their servers and settings are not adjusted by the attack. The group said they are actively observing and managing to counter such attacks.  Different Banks including HalykBank, People’s Bank further insisted that their servers stay negatively concerned by this attack.

 Several days before, that Committee on National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan stated that Banks hide the knowledge about hacker attacks to maintain the Bank’s reputation. six Banks possess experienced a phishing attack, and simply one of them suggested KNB help.

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