Lazarus Group

Lazarus Group is back again , now Attacks Banks, Bitcoin Users in New Campaign

Lazarus GroupThe Lazarus Group has been created backward a new  WannaCry ransomware dubbed HaoBao targeting banks and Bitcoin users via spear phishing lures that deliver a new cryptocurrency scanner that hunts for Bitcoin wallets.

Know About The Lazarus Group

Lazerus group also know  HIDDEN COBRA   is a  cybercrime group made up of an unknown number of individuals.he group first came in the news back in 2009 and 2012 by targeting South Korean government institution with large-scale  (DDoS) distributed denial-of-service attack.

However, Kaspersky also declared that the reproduction of the code could be a “false flag” meant to mislead researchers and pin the attack on North Korea, given that the worldwide WannaCry worm cyber attack copied techniques from the NSA as well.

This ransomware leverages an NSA exploit known as EternalBlue that a hacker group known as Shadow Brokers made public in April 2017.  Symantec reported in 2017 that it was “highly likely” that Lazarus groups were behind the WannaCry attack.

Ber Alert Of Phishing Scams on Lazarus Group 

Lazarus Group is out there for the money and its targets include large-scale banking monsters to unsuspecting cryptocurrency investors looking to make money the right way and you can be one of their very next victims so be careful when you transition your crypto wallet.

Recently, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)alert users that cybercriminals have been posing as officials from Internet Crime Complaint Center and sending emails to users about the crime they did not commit since the sole purpose of it is to infect their computers with malware to remove data.

Cryptocurrency attacks
in 2018 Recorded Future issued a report linking the Lazarus Group to attacks on cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Monero users frequently in South Korea. These attacks were reported to be technically similar to early attacks using the WannaCry ransomware and the attacks on Sony PicturesOne of the tactics used by Lazarus groups hackers was to exploit vulnerabilities in Hanscom’s Hangul, a South Korean word processing software.

Image Credit goes to- Kaspersky Lab

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