How to Fix Blue Screen of Death on Your Computer

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death on Your Computer

A computer displayed a blue screen all of sudden when you are using it to finish your work, wave the internet, play the game, etc.Computer blue screen of death(BSOD) regularly stops computer for a reason and gives people error code, which is conferred on the computer displayed, to show the possible computer this case, many computer experts who get such computer issues, it is still possible to be fixed.

However, daily use, not all people are computer experts and can track down the possible reasons only during the shown error. maybe you also have no idea about such error codes? All right! No worry! Without analyzing these unknown error codes, you also can successfully fix this computer blue screen issue. carefully go read this article and go find your reason and solution.

Why Does Your Computer Blue Screen?

1). Hardware issues
Computer swiftly shut down, computer rebooting and computer slow performance and more, are able to be caused by computer hardware issues. So are the computer BSOD problems.  When your computer hard drive is not enough free space, your computer also would get that issue and your hard drive has too many fragments, you also are able to have this computer issues. Hence, go check your computer hardware carefully.

2). Computer system issues
How long has it been since you updated your computer system last time? Many crucial system files and folders are accidentally deleted or damaged? Your computer Windows system has not been updated for a really long time? OK! In daily use, the computer blue screen of death issue also is able to be aroused by computer system issues.

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In these days, the diversified viruses cannot only infect your computer system files, damage the computer drives, occupying the computer resources without the sign and also result in computer BSOD issues. So, when your computer really gets a blue screen issue, go check your downloaded files and software to see whether they are virus-infected.

4). Computer hardware driver issues

When your computer hardware drivers are out of date or damaged, you also can get a blue screen all of sudden. Hence, go check the computer hardware drivers carefully.
Find anyone of them is practical with your computer problems? Hope they all are not difficult for you to understand.

How to Fix a Blue Screen of Death on Your Computer?

After tracking down the actual reason, you can set out to fix this computer problem immediately. Know what you can do to fix such blue screen issues? If not, also do not worry! Here are some major solutions for you to take as references:

1). Use computer system restore
In these days, in case of such troublesome computer system issues, many computers do have the system restore function that allows users to roll its system back to a previous state. So, if your computer does also have this function, to restore it back to the specific state which will bring you minimum computer data loss.

2). Clean computer viruses

The possible virus can damage the computer system, hardware and even lead to this BSOD problem. Hence, immediately open your antivirus software to scan this computer and clean all possible viruses, malware, spyware and other threats completely.

3). Update or re-install computer Windows system

In case this computer issue is brought by Windows system issue, you’d better go check your computer Windows system well. Firstly, go check the system updates and upgrade it to the latest versions. Of course, if these are too many system files or folders which have been lost or damaged, also directly re-install the computer system to fix everything.

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4). Update or re-install computer hardware drivers

The damaged or outdated hardware drivers also can lead to computer blue screen errors. Therefore, go check the computer hardware drivers well. You can easily go check the official website of the manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your computer use.
1). Back up your computer data to another external hard drive if it is still possible.
2). Recover inaccessible computer data at first after getting a Blue screen Problem.