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Hacker Wants $50K From Hacker Forum or He’ll Share Stolen Database With the Feds

We try not to guffawing at cybercrime, but maybe sometimes – principally on a Monday simply after some clocks have performed after to suggest us that season is pretty significant up – we let individually a wry simper.

Today proceeding knowing a report of our chums at Bleeping Computer in which a cybercrook applied on his fellow criminals by hacking their clandestine forum and stating he would present them to the cops.unless others forked over $50,000
This enthusiastic criminal noted four parts of “relevant parties”, any of them in the US Homeland Security, this Treasury some Department of Justice also, for real action, that FBI. We couldn’t help think that the Internal Revenue Service force be involved besides.According to over Bleeping Computer, the angle uploaded any like his “witnesses” before that Basetools hacking locality itself, presumably to create the greatest difficulties amongst each site’s illegal town.
Those written “evidence” added a screenshot that’s supposed to give the web control panel from that Basetools panel, noting the antonyms of the last 15 users and dealers, as great as that least 9 payments.

Shows that these criminals should difficulties letting every other on many different levels.

To fund instead negative to prepay?

Don’t require to remain recognized as present information before cybercriminals, only we’d greatly recommend facing meeting up in corruption problems like this.
It’s open that this information should then moved taken – including any of it then gave the class, make solely including US government pressure – so spending instantly won’t effect complete gain.
During ransomware needs, the extortion typically satisfies a decryption solution for data that most absolutely wasn’t repeated by the criminals – in another term, if thou decide you aren’t going to pay up, the curves have nothing further to squeeze you with.
But when the crooks already have copies of your data and are threatening to besmirch, embarrass or defraud you by exposing it, paying the fee won’t do anything to stop them besmirching you anyway.
Or coming back for more money next week.
As everything it’s worth, it appears that some Basetools place owners haven’t really estimated out what to do yet – at the time of writing  [2017-10-30 Time 12:00 AM], their underground conference stated:
The whole business they clearly haven’t arranged still continues to study our deeply informative study Something thou sound like after a data breach.

What to do?

Hackers hacking hackers appears unusual, also maybe it is – only if hackers can be chopped, before so penitentiary you, if you aren’t concerned.

We don’t identify whence this crime resulted, without the young regards you can practice for your own online assistance admit:
  • Patch promptly. If that crooks comprehend something server software version yourself are doing, and it becomes a known security hole, they may very well be able to break in automatically. In other words, if you haven’t patched, you’re the low-hanging fruit.
  • Choose decent passwords. If the crooks can guess your password, or if you used the same password on another site that already got hacked, then the crooks don’t need to do any hacking themselves – they can just login directly.
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA). A one-time code that changes every time you login means that just guessing or stealing your password isn’t enough. If the system is determined on or transferred to your receiver, then the thieves need your phone (and its unlock code) as well, which is a higher bar to jump over.
  • Check your logs. If you keep log files for auditing purposes, for example, so you can check who logged in when examining them proactively in order to find out about security anomalies sooner rather than later.