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Google Adsense Approval Trick

How to get google adsense approval for youtube , blogger , wordpress website 2017 guide . Get google adsense account approval within 2 days guarenteed . If you are a blogger and facing google adsense approval problem due to content copy policies of adsense , no problem at all . We have here with a Google Adsense Approval Trick 2017 which will get you a approved google adsense account within 2 days . In Asian countries like India , Pakistan , bloggers dont get adsense approval as early compared to US . There is no big deal in that . Get your google account approved with this Google Adsense Approval Trick 2017 .

Google adsense pays every publisher according to the website or Blog’s traffic . Many Factors influence google adsense earnings . Amount of traffic , quality of traffic , high CPC keywords topic of content recieving traffic and most importantly country from where traffic is being recieved . Ads placement position also plays a major role in CPC recieved. Use Adsense Seo Heatmaps to place Adsense Ads .Therefore , Thousands of bloggers around the globe are making loads of money from google adsense .

Things to know before applying Google Adsense Approval Trick 2017

How Google Adsense Works ?

Google Adsense , an advertising network by Google Inc. , enables Publisher to generate money from their quality content providing blogs . Whereas there are other methods too for earning from google adsense. Few of them include , make Money from Google Feed, Youtube Videos and from Google Search Box.
Most of the bloggers apply for google adsense and get rejected most of the times . Basic reasons for these include :
  • Copy Pasted Content
  • Low amount of Content before applying.
  • Content with no value.
  • Non Trustworthy site layout.
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If you too are facing this kind of problem , i have a solution for you. I wont be telling you to improve your content quality and all .Therefore Here I Share a Elite Trick to Get Approved by Google Adsense with YouTube. I you dont know , let me tell you , youtube is a part of google company groups . Therefore , youtube videos can also be monitized with Google Adsense . Google Company Pays Money to Youtubers through Adsense .

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2017

  1. Create a Google Account.
  2. Go to YouTube Monetization Page.(mandatory 10k lifetime youtubeie views)
  3. Now in Monetization TAB you can See “Enable My Account ” option. Click on It.
  4. Now After Doing This , a Pop-Up Dialog Box will apear that displays “Term & Conditions”. Accept it.
  5. Now a page will Open Where You yo have to Click on “Monetize” Button.
  6. Enable your “Monetization Option” for your Youtube videos .
  7. Lets Do It, Now Time to Approve Google Adsense .
  8. Now UPLOAD, 5-10 Unique Video that you create by YourSelf , and are unique .
  9. Get Some Views on Your Youtube Videos by sharing into facebook groups and whatsapp .
  10. Now Again go To “YouTube Monetization Page” and Find the Option “How Will i Paid”
  11. Expand it and Click on “Associate a Adsense Account Link”.
  12. A Screen will Open Where you Submit the URL of Your Channel Where you want to Show Adsense Ads.
  13. Click on “Continue” and Submit your Application.
  14. Wait for a 1-2 Hour, Check Your Inbox and you got Mail From Adsense Program. “Approved”
Hope this trick would have worked for you . If you faced any problem ,feel free to mention them in comment below . If this Google Adsense Approval Trick 2017  doesn’t works for you , and you failed to get approval . You Tell us “Why your Adsense application has been Rejected ?” . We will tell you the most appropriate method to solve that . If you Follow This above Method to Approve your Adsense there are 80% Percent Chance to Get an Adsense Account. Also dont forget to Read Every Step Carefully . Keep Sharing the Post and Bookmark us .


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