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Gmail StrikethroughGmail Strikethrough is an optical context that something has been built or can be used as an edit outline. occasionally you need to format your email messages to Strikethrough, but it can also help make your content more approachable and easy to read also using formatting to obtain your text clearer will help assure people absolutely read it.

Unfortunately, Google does not provide an out of the box way to strikethrough text in Gmail So Here I will share how to Make Gmail Strikethrough Formatting text Just a Click.

Follow the below steps  to Make Gmail Strikethrough Formatting text

  • Log into Google Drive.
  • New Google Doc shortcut and type your text
    gmail Strikethrough
  • Select the text you want to strikethrough
  • Select “Format” and “Strikethrough.”
    gmail Strikethrough
  • Copy the text
    Gmail StrikethroughGmail composition and press Ctrl-V to paste the text of your email around the Strikethrough line. make sure untick plain text mode 

Gmail Strikethrough

Now you can send your email and the recipient will receive it with a Strikethrough text just as you want it.

Gmail Strikethrough With Help Google Chrome Extension or Firefox add-ons

If you are using google chrome or Mozilla firefox so you can add an extension for google chrome and add-ons for Mozilla firefox this is helpful and they have some extra fabulous feature.

For Mozilla Firefox –add-ons
For Google Chrome – Extension

When you use to extension or add-ons you need to reload the Gmail tab and then select the text which you want to format.