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NSA’s Released GHIDRA Reverse Engineering Framework 9.0

The National Security Agency released a free GHIDRA Reverse Engineering Framework 9.0. the GHIDRA was first publicly revealed by WikiLeaks CIA vault7 leak. NASA adviser Robert Joyce conform to GHIRDA tool for free his RSA conference Season description

According to these reports, GHIDRA is coded in Java, has a graphical user interface (GUI), and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, also support a variety of processor instruction sets.

According to GHIDRA conference, the tool “

includes all the features expected in high-end commercial tools, with new and expanded functionality NSA uniquely developed.”

Senior NSA Adviser Robert Joyce  GHIDRA adds all the features expected in high-end commercial tools to build a community, to improve cybersecurity tools,  and show what the agency uses the tax money.

“This is the last community you want to release something out to with a backdoor installed, to people who hunt for this stuff to tear apart.”

Processors Supported GHIDRA Reverse Engineering Framework 9.0:

  • X86 16/32/64
  • Sparc 32/64
  • CR16C
  • PowerPC 32/64, VLE
  • Z80
  • MIPS 16/32/64, micro
  • 6502
  • 68k
  • 8051
  • Java / DEX bytecode
  • MSP430
  • AVR8, AVR32
  • PIC 12/16/17/18/24
  • Others + variants


Version Tracking:

  • Matches functions and data from one version to another
  • Multiple algorithms for finding matches
  • Easily port annotations and analysis from one version to another

GHIDRA Reverse Engineering Tool comes with powerful abilities :GHIDRA Reverse Engineering Framework 9.0

The researcher has been assuming Ghindra reverse tool excitement, people noted with compared Ghidra and IDA Pro, to able software with licenses of 13k$.and also researchers and developers have now started contributing to the project by reporting bugs. The first report a security issue in GHIDRA, Matthew Hickey, who uses online alias “HackerFantastic,

The issue can be fixed by just changing a line of code in the software, according to Hickey.

On Tuesday(06 March 2019), at the RSAConference in San Francisco, the NSA publicly release Ghidra 9.0.which will be available for macOS, Windows, and Linux on a ghidra official website. and also available on GitHub repository, where the code is expected to be published

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    1. Go to edit -> tool options and choose “invert colors.” Follow the prompt to switch the Swing appearance to Metal. That’s as close as it gets right now. It’s not perfect, but it’s not so bad.

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