Get the original Watch Dogs free from Ubisoft tomorrow

Free games! Yes, it’s a free game but it’s only going to be available for a few days. Ubisoft is giving away the original Watch Dogs on PC which was released back in 2014 for free.

The offer starts 7 November at 4PM UTC and the game will be available for free until 13 November 4PM UTC. To get hold of it, you will need to have a registered Uplay account and we’re assuming Ubisoft is using this promotion to encourage user sign-ups. Still, it’s a free game and great if you already have a UPlay account.
To grab it either head to this page, or open up Uplay and it can be pre-loaded now. Tim reviewed Watch Dogs at the time of release and called it “decent but not great” giving it a 6/10 but it’s deserving a look now as it’s free. This is how he summed it up

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