Facebook is down as some users are unable to login 2017

Facebook is down as some users are unable to login. Site blames ‘required maintenance’

Facebook is down for many users, who are reporting trouble logging in or a “total blackout.”
When attempting to login, users may see an error notification that says:
“Facebook Will Be Back Soon
“Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes. In the meantime, read more about why you’re seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site.”
DownDetector.com reports a spike in reported problems at 8 a.m. Saturday with regard to Facebook. There were 5,723 reports after 8 a.m. Forty percent reported trouble logging in, and the about the same reported a “total blackout.”
There’s more than 2 billion monthly active Facebook users, according to Zephoria, or about one out of every four people in the world.

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