International DDoS-for-hire service administrators arrested

DDoS-for-hire service administrators arrested

The Dutch police have brought down the world’s biggest DDoS-for-hire service that improved international cybercriminals launch over 4 million attacks and arrested its administrators yesterday help withDutch Police.
An administration led by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Dutch Police, dubbed “Power Off,” with the assistance of Europol and a dozen different law enforcing agencies, issued in the arrest of 6 members of the group behind the “” website in Scotland, Croatia, Canada and Serbia on Tuesday.

Europol said,”With, any registered user could pay a nominal fee using online payment systems or cryptocurrencies to rent out the use of stressers and booters,” 

This is also held for cyber attacks against seven of the UK’s biggest banks in November 2017, due to government institutions and gaming industry.DDoS-for-hire service administrators arrested

With over 136K registered users, Webstresser website permits its clients to rent the pottery for about £10 to launch (DDoS) attacks.

Head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) says”It’s a growing problem, and one we take very seriously. Criminals are very good at collaborating, victimizing millions of users in a moment from anywhere in the world,” said Steven Wilson, 
NCA said, “As part of the operational activity, an address was identified and searched in Bradford and a number of items seized,”.
 Moreover, the authorities have also taken against the top users of this marketplace in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong, Europol announced. 

The Dutch police said the Operation Power Off should send a clear warning to users of sites like we stressed.

Dan Crisp, Director (Interim) Technology and Digital Policy, UK Finance said:

Cybercrime is costing UK firms billions and has the potential to seriously disrupt our economy and wider society.
“The industry is hugely supportive of multilateral law enforcement programmes, which can effectively disrupt both cyber-criminal activity and illegal operations and help protect customers from attacks.”

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