Compress 1 GB File into 10 MB Using KGB

Compress-1GB-into-10MBToday I am going to some best feature about “KGB Archiver” Utility, It is a software program like WinRAR, WinZip which also decrease your data but in very high tendency.KGB Archiver is the best compressing and decompressing tool with the improbable to high compression rate.It has better compression rate then UHARC and 7zip.

The best free compressing tool on the market.Mostly it requires good hardware to display assuredly. The advantage of KGB Archive is, it also uses AES-256(Advanced Encryption Standard ) encryption which is one of the best encryptions types. Fewer antivirus and antispyware programs flag KGB Archive as infected or malware, which is very mistaken due to heuristics or because of incorrect virus signature in their database.

KGB Archiver Features :

  • Multilanguage support
  • Up to 10% faster compression and decompression then others.
  • Now SFX archives run on any Windows or Linux
  • Use AES for Encryption
  • Windows Explorer shell extension
  • Make very Small Size of any large File

How to Compress:

1.Open the KGB Archiver program.

2.Choose Compress files from the options and click Next >

3.On the next window, you can change the directory location where you want to put the file, give a name to your new archive and add file(s) or directory. Press the Next > button when you finish.

4.The program will then create the archive file for you and show a dialog box with some information when it has finished.


How to Decompress:

1.Open the KGB Archiver program.

2.Choose to Decompress files from the options and click Next >.

3.On the next window, choose your archive file and directory location where you want to put the file(s). You can extract all files on the archive by unchecking the Choose files to decompress option or extract the selected file by checking the option and select the file(s).


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