CIB alerts regarding enactment scams on Facebook


TAIWAN(Taipei)-Nov 4 (CNA) An expected 193 Facebook hacking cases were announced to the authority 165 Anti-Fraud and Internet Scam Hotline within Oct. 23 and 29, and multiple complex imitation scams, data of unknown Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) confirmed Saturday.

Amongst these 193 incidents, 128 into fraudsters hacking in children Facebook descriptions and when representing these people on Facebook to give smartphones to lower than the business equivalent of their group affiliates or companions, This (CIB) announced.

The fraudsters further transmitted across the imitations to the immediate messaging app Series, wherever that victim would usually finalize the features of this business by the merchant.

Numerous occurrences following the original remained reported to the bureau recently, it said.

A 32-year-old homemaker surnamed Chen published person of her “friends” marketing iPhones at Facebook through a really cheap rate and gained six receivers for NT$43,000 (US$1,425), but she nevermore installed the product.

Couple different women surnamed Cheng and Wu, continued more using by offers created by fraudsters posing to be their Facebook friends and completed their purchases via Line.

Not installed the goods they returned for. Cheng understood she had been scammed if she regarded her associate Facebook account had been shut down while Wu found out she was duped by an enactment scam slow reporting the evidence to the bureau.


That (CIB) approved every people to apply different systems to establish with group features or supporters that people are which all say others are ere pattern money to complete a transaction.

This hotline 165 remained set up to support members of the public seeking information should others be contacted by plausible scammers or verifying or reporting if they have been cheated.

This bureau announced the people package struggle cheating and internet scams by requesting 165 or practicing the online writing assistance at

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