Google Chrome new Update To Malicious Chrome Extensions


google-chromeChrome new Update To Malicious Chrome Extensions: Google has made another new announcement for Chrome Web Store for aims at making Chrome extensions more secure to its users. Google has declared that they are abandoning the hammer on security extensions and will no longer allow ones that ask for powerful permissions for no reason.

However, the best part is that Google cares user of the issues and has proactively been working to change the way its Chrome web browser extensions.

 The current version of Google  Chrome, an extension has the ability to get full control to all of the data of a website that you are visiting using google chrome.

Chrome new Update To Malicious Chrome Extensions

Also allows too beneficial  chrome extensions to be created that modify the theme of a site, add extra features, or fix bugs on sites. users will now have the ability to restrict the sites an extension has access easily. and also new setting, you can designate that the extension only has access to a site “When you click the extension, on all site.

This change will not immediately affect any current permissions granted to your extension. That is, it will continue to operate as before unless the user takes action to restrict the sites it is allowed to access. In future releases, Chrome will provide more controls for users to adjust settings

You can use the permissions.contains() API in order to check whether your extension has been granted access to a given origin.

2-Step verification required for Developers.

in the past, we saw a new wave of phishing attacks aimed at hijacking popular browser extensions through a phishing attack