China border authorities secretly have been installing spyware apps on tourists phone

Chinese-installing-spyware-GlobalHackNewsChina border authorities secretly have been installing spyware apps on tourists’ phones who enter the country of crossing in the Xinjiang region, an international investigation revealed. they are known to carry several surveillance operations of large minority groups.

According to the report, China border security agency has been requiring tourists to hand over their phones and passcodes before entering .then agent will disappear with the phone apps in order to snoop through them. Border guards are using their phones and secretly installing an app that extracts as well as information about the handset itself.

The Chinese government has accused the Muslim Turkic minority group of Islamic extremism and dangerous attacks on Chinese targets.

The spyware name Feng Cai (蜂采) An APK Chinese authorities load onto the Android phones of foreigners crossing into Xinjiang or BXAQ, collects phone contacts, text messages, call history, calendar entries, what apps are on a phone, and what usernames are used in some apps, then uploads that data to a server, according to the reports. Also scan infected Android devices for over 73,000 pre-defined files related to Islamic extremist groups, including ISIS recruitment fliers, and images of executions include Quran excerpts and music from a Japanese metal band.

“The app is very simple in terms of its user interface, with just three available functions: Scan, Upload, and Uninstall,” the researchers said.

Bytheway it’s not the first time to China caught using spyware in n 2017, Chinese authorities had forced Xinjiang residents as well into installing a similar spyware app, called Jingwang