Android Hacking And Penetration Testing Video Course[Udemy] ! Free .

I going to get from this course?

  1. By the end of the course, You will learn How to Fuzz applications
  2. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand the internals of Android and its security
  3. Security consultant/specialist
  4. They will be able to pentest android apps in an efficient way
  5. By the end of the course, you will learn how to carry out man in the middle attacks in real world
  6. They will be in a position to perform real-world attacks on Android Devices and Apps
  7. By the end of the course, You will understand the internals of Android App Reversing and Malware Analysis.
    • PC
    • Android Device (Optional)
    • Wireless Router (optional 

Curriculum For This Course.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction To The Course
Lecture 2 About the Instructors
Lecture 3 Course Instructions
Lecture 4 Need For Mobile Security And Owasp Top 10 Mobile Risks
Section 2: Lab Setup For The Course
Lecture 5 Lab Setup
Lecture 6 Installing Ubuntu On VMware
Lecture 7 Setting Up An Android Pen-testing Environment on Ubuntu
Section 3: Getting Familiar With Android Developer Tools
Lecture 8 Eclipse IDE
Lecture 9 Android Debug Bridge
Section 4: Android Architecture And Security Model
Lecture 11 Android booting process
Lecture 12 Android’s Architecture
Lecture 13 Android Data Structures and File Systems
Lecture 14 Android Apps
Lecture 15 Android Security Model
Lecture 16 Android Permissions
Lecture 17 Google Bouncer
Section 5: Interacting With an Android Device
Lecture 18 Difference Between Android Emulator & Android Device
Lecture 19 Interacting With Android device Via Usb
Lecture 20 All About Rooting
Lecture 21 SSH
Lecture 22 VNC
Lecture 23 Busy Box
Section 6: Android Network Analysis
Lecture 24 Setting Up A Proxy for Android Emulator
Lecture 25 Setting Up A Proxy for Android Device
Lecture 26 Installing CA certificate
Lecture 27 Real World MITM and SSL MITM Attacks Part-1
Lecture 28 Real World MITM and SSL MITM Attacks Part -2
Lecture 29 Data Manipulation
Section 7: Android Reversing and Malware Analysis
 Lecture 30 Apk files in a nutshell Lecture 31 Introduction to Reverse Engineering Lecture 32 Reversing to get Source Code of Android Apps Lecture 33 Reverse Engineering with APKTOOL Lecture 34 Introduction to Android Malware Lecture 35 Dynamic Vs Static Analysis Lecture 36 Static analysis of Android Malware Lecture 37 Dynamic analysis of Android Malware Lecture 38 Introduction to Android Tamer Lecture 39 Dynamic Analysis with DroidBox 
Section 8: Android Application Pen testing and Exploitation Lecture 40 Installing JSinfosec Vulnerable Apps Lecture 41 Introduction to Android App pentesting Lecture 42 Fuzzing Android Apps with Burp – Proxy Lecture 43 Fuzzing Android Apps with Burp – Intruder Lecture 44 Attacking Authentication Lecture 45 Content Provider Leakage Lecture 46 Client Side Injection Lecture 47 Insecure Data Storage – Shared Preferences Lecture 48 Insecure Data Storage – SQLite Databases Lecture 49 Unintended Data Leakage Lecture 50 Broken Cryptography Lecture 51 Automated Security Assessments with Drozer Lecture 52 Exploiting Android Devices Using Metasploit 
Section 9: Android Device And Data Security Lecture 53 Android Device Protection Lecture 54 Bypassing Android Locks Lecture 55 Android Data Extraction 
Section 10: Using Android as a Pen testing Platform Lecture 56 A Look Into Commonly Used Pen testing and Hacking Apps Lecture 57 PWN Pad on Nexus 7 Lecture 58 Kali Linux on Android 
Section 11: Conclusion And Road Ahead Lecture 59 Mobile Pen-testing Check List Lecture 60 Android Security Practices Lecture 61 Course Summary And Revision Lecture 62 Conclusion.

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