1. The Original Big Three Social Sites
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; remember when these were the only big social media sites around? Well, times have changed but they are still massive players in the space. Make it a habit of posting your articles to “the big three” along with an engaging teaser. You’re more of a visual person? That’s perfect, Instagram and Tumblr to the rescue.
2. Comment on Other Relevant Blogs
I’m guessing there are a handful of blogs out there that you follow and love. If you haven’t already, start interacting with them. You might follow them across social media or constantly check out their blog. If you do, start commenting and engaging with them and even their audience. Chances are you have more than one thing in common. Oh, and make sure to leave a link back to your blog .
3. Email Signature
Studies show that one of the most intimate and private places an online user can engage with you is via their email. So naturally, including your blog link in your email signature will generate interest or, at the very least, curiosity. Self-promotion has never been so easy!
4. Social Bookmarking Sites


Social bookmarking is a great means of inspiring online collaboration and the wisdom of crowds. It also tackles an issue that the search engines have trouble with – the human touch. The world-wide-web has billions of users, and if even an incy wincy percentage of those users share your post… do the math. I surely cannot, but I know the number is potentially BIG. Here’s a great list of some of the best bookmarking sites for you to promote your blog posts
10. Backlinking
See how we’ve linked to quite a few sources in this article? Not only does it help to support your opinions, but it also adds credibility to your position and, of course, creates a trackback. Perfect.