5 Blogging Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog:

Ever since I started blogging, I have kept track of some major blogging mistakes I have made along the way. I have neglected my social media accounts, used a scary amount of pop-ups, and found major grammatical errors months after I published a post. However, everyone is going to make mistakes. What’s really important is learning from them and trying to avoid the same mistakes in the future. So today we’re going to go over 5 common blogging mistakes to help you have a a successful blog, with a side of humor.
1. Prepare for Impact
Don’t kid yourself, we all judge a book by its cover. It’s what draws us in. Similarly, your blog should be appealing and easy on the eye (people might actually be reading this thing some day). It’s also important to ensure the design is user-friendly as poor navigation can increase your bounce rate dramatically. Here are some great tips on blog design from the SITS girls.


2. Hole-in-One
When you first envisioned your blog, your topics, and audience, who did you have in mind? A specific group or community, right? So post to them! Be sincere in what you’re writing, honest, and raw. Make personal connections with stories about your own life and experiences. Being open and engaging with your target market ensures return viewers, and subscribers. Be mindful of the age group you are speaking to, relate to their likes, trends, and perceive their desired interests.


3. Unsubscribe
How many emails do you get each week from your favorite blog, or website? Does it make you want to ‘unsubscribe’ or never visit the site because everything you need to know is right there? Use your personal experience to help you determine how many emails is too many and don’t spam your subscribers. Instead, send them teasers, get them excited to come to your blog and see what you’ve posted. Gentle reminders of why a quick visit to your blog will be worth their time is perfect to increase traffic and views.
4. Sharing is Caring
You’re proud of your blog, I hope, so tell people about it. Promote yourself and your thoughts on all social media outlets, create teaser images on Instagram, a witty tweet, and have friends and family share your posts on Facebook. Put a flyer up in your city where your target market shops, eats, works out, or does daily tasks. You also want your subscribers to share their interest in your blog so make it easy for them to do so. Design your website to be easily navigated and able to be linked to all major social media platforms. Advertise on like forums and websites too.
8. Be on Time
I do a lot of my social cruising in the A.M., even before I get out of bed some days, okay fine… most days. I love waking up to my favorite blog posts, recipes, and motivational chats; gets my day going. I have a routine, so do you, so do your subscribers. When you publish, you want to be consistent, with days, times and even themes. You’re a night owl, no problem, I’ll enjoy my morning coffee, reading your blog while you catch some sleep. Thinking about what best suits your blog schedule is as simple as putting yourself in your target markets shoes.

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