4X Human Traffic To Your Blogger Blog In No Time

4X Human Traffic To Your Blogger Blog In No Time
Photo Credit: ShoutMeLoud.com : Harsh Agrawal sir 

A few month ago Harsh Agrawal sir showed off his page views for June 2017 and his earnings. Many persons were shocked and someone even said it’s because he has been in the game for long, to an extent TRUE but when you look at it from another perspective it’s FALSE.

Driving such huge traffic of 1.5million to your blog in a month desire you being long in the game, it also requires you to know what to do. Harsh is one of the bloggers I have seen making various research, from proper SEO optimization, to Email Marketing and now his latest trend is Push Notification.

Picking from his words ” If you are looking for one takeaway from this traffic report, it would be focusing on SEO and making sure to offer quality articles to your readers are always good things to do.

Another tip that I can give you is to take advantage of push notifications. Use PushEngage or another similar service as this could be a great source of returning traffic for you.”

For a blogger who received 1.5million page views in a month to make mention of a source and also build more on it that tells you there is power in push notification.

Photo Credit: ShoutMeLoud.comHarsh Agrawal sir 

Push Notification

No nobody read emails sincerely speaking. If I subscribed to your blog on any occasion just know I have never read any of your emails but Push Notifications are unavoidable both mobile push and browser notifications. 

So what is push notification? – These are messages sent to anyone who has accepted to receive notifications from your blog. Instead of, you sending them emails, you simply send them a preview of the post on their browser.When a user is offline, he gets to see it immediately he comes online and when he is online he sees it right away.

Push notification has been one of the die hard source of real human traffic for a blog. To test this out myself and see whether users always clicked on push notification I got myself subscribed to Entclass blog 

My Experience With Push Notification.

Entclass blog is a blog for cheats and technology so to test out how push messages work, I got subscribed to their list hoping to turn down messages but I could not prevent myself from avoiding it.

Whenever I am online, I would receive the message instantly, the compelling titles always made me click and when am offline, I meet the notification ones I log in. That experiment taught me two good things about push notification and with these 2 things you can drive in 4X of your daily blogger blog visitors.

Why your push notification setup failed!.

I have seen many Nigerian bloggers enable the push notification without even knowing how it works, at the end, they fail at it!. Getting traffic is a system that needs you to be creative and wise. There are some things you need to do, to get a head start on your competitors.

Often times we mess things up. You could easily go to one of the websites and set up push notification and at the end, you will fail. simply because you saw someone talking about it and you did not care to know how it works.

Best Push Notification Practices That Drives Traffic.

1. Market your sign in button.

By default, a pop-up box normally shows up asking your users to allow push notification and I know you think that will do the job. You are wrong!. I personally will never accept that because in the world where you have people sending others virus, hijacking bloggers etc. You expect me to just allow such a function?.

The truth here, is many of your readers don’t know what push notification is, most of them feel as if it is spam and this is why you are getting low subscribers daily.

whats the solution? – Educate your audience on it, tell them what that option would do for them and how it can help them get updated instantly, often times promote it just the same way you promote the subscribe here box because it has a potential of driving your blog thousands of daily visitors.

2. Push Titles

If you just copied and pasted the title of your post as the title of your push notification you are getting it all wrong again. Except for the title of your post have been properly optimized for power and SEO don’t use itWhat do I mean? You need a title that can convert for you.

Believe it or leave it, if your title is awful users will just close the box. You need to optimize your push title with positive power words that command people to click. Be specific, keep it short and make sure it properly describe what the blog post is simply about.

3. Daily Updates BandWidth.

The number of messages you send to my browser every day will tell whether I will remain on your list. Some bloggers can post you rubbish!. Send only the important and highly anticipated posts. Not all articles should be sent out, there are some, even you yourself knows can not stand to change to pull a crowd.

News and Gossip bloggers always find good headlines and push always work for them. Explore your blog and share even old posts as long as you know, it can pull a crowd.

2 Free Push Notification Services that actually works.

To round it all up, I will be showing you two great push notifications services that actually work.

  1. PushEngage
  2. Pushify


This free service is awesome and can drive millions of views daily. It is used and endorsed by ShoutMeLoud. I started with it and though not yet certain, I am still experimenting with it. PushEngage is a functional push notification service that can drive traffic from both mobile and desktop browsers.

It has many optin forms, down to a sidebar sliding “Get Notification” box that encourages your users to subscribe.


I recently got to know about this anyway and have not used it because my template is built for AMP and don’t accept external JS. Pushify is one of the very best services with an awesome start up process though I have not used them, I believe they are good at what they do.

Push Notifications Vs FaceBook Sharing

I will keep this short because I know you would love to compare. This seems to be a huge topic which should actually be an article on its own. They both drive in traffic but now it all depends on your subscription list and also on the groups you are sharing your posts.

If you shared a post to a group of 500k persons you don’t expect a subscriber list of just 200 people to drive in more traffic.

But in terms of conversions based on percentage, Push notification converts more even more than email marketing.